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At The GoodGrocer, we’ve recognised that shopping regularly for groceries is a necessary but boring, stressful and often time-consuming chore, especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this can easily be solved through our hassle-free online ordering and delivery solution.

With The GoodGrocer, you can now shop online at your own convenience from anywhere and at any time and we’ll deliver the groceries right to you. We will happily help you avoid the chore of grocery shopping altogether!

Eliminate the annoyance of visiting stores and order all your essentials today! Live your life with more #GOOD & less hassle!

Our 'Aha!' Moment

In our family, a trip to the grocery store always lead to high-stakes negotiations and favour-bartering, just to avoid the whole mess of having to physically visit a store. This usually meant a questionable can of tinned fish found in the back of the cupboard as dinner because no one wanted to ‘take one for the team’.

We realised that we couldn’t be the only ones having UN negotiations every few days just to go buy some groceries. Without any clear solution service in Polokwane, we decided to start The GoodGrocer.

For the #GOOD of all, The GoodGrocer will ‘take one’ for all the teams, big and small in Polokwane. Get you grocery essentials delivered today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a reliably #GOOD, easy and convenient method to shop online for a customers’ varying grocery needs. We strive to offer a stress and hassle-free solution to those who want to avoid the tedious, time consuming and inconvenient act of grocery shopping in stores and to deliver those favourite household products to doors all around Polokwane.


What We Do

The GoodGrocer will take on the burden and hassle of grocery shopping out of your daily life and deliver it to your door.

We're pleased to introduce our very first offering to you, the Essentials Baskets!

These Baskets offer you a choice of your favourite essential goods that every household needs regularly, delivered straight to your door!

We currently offer the following:

  • Pantry Essentials
  • Cleaning Essentials
  • Household & Laundry Essentials &
  • COVID-19 Lockdown Essentials

At the moment, we only offer a few selected items to ensure that we have all your basics covered to ensure that you make less trips out to the stores. However, we are constantly working on adding more essential items as soon as we can guarantee you freshness and /or supply.

The GoodGrocer wants to offer you the services that best fits your lifestyle whilst still maintaining a hassle-free, easy and convenient online grocery shopping experience. Therefore we will also be adding more services to better suit all your needs.

We're a brand spanking new business and are constantly adding new products and items as we grow. We're hoping you'll stick around and grow right along with us!

Why Choose Us



Save Time

Going to a grocery store is a major time drain which seems to be pushed further and further down the to-do list. It been estimated that an average of two (2) days is spent shopping for groceries per year. With COVID-19 amongst us, that has most definitely increased. Not a fun or efficient manner to spend your precious time. The GoodGrocer is able to give you back time and save you from tiresome wandering from aisle to aisle.



No Impulse Buys

The more time you spend in a grocery store, the more you are exposed to in-store stimuli designed to make you buy more and spend more through unplanned, impulse purchases. Using The GoodGrocer’s online shopping service allows you to make your choices efficiently, without being tempted by the psychology of in-store designs and marketing. Get exactly what you need and only what you need!



Ultimate convenience

The convenience of home delivery is unmatched. Why go out when we can come to you? Our services allow you to check groceries off your to-do list without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.

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